It is safe to say that domestic cleaning is our speciality, as we've been in this industry for ± 20 years. With our experience and expertise in this service, we realize that every client's needs differ and fortunately we are able cater to each of them. Each of our teams have their own supervisor, whose sole purpose is to see that everything runs smoothly. This ensures that all work is completed thoroughly and hygienically, while making sure that our clients' property is handled with caution and care.
  • Our staff is equipped with a high level of training and they are under constant supervision
  • All areas of the house are covered
  • Cleaning takes place from top to bottom, ensuring complexity
  • We provide our own equipment, tools and supplies.
  • All kitchen and bathroom floors are cleaned thoroughly on hands and knees, not with a mop
  • Our team of professionals will do the job efficiently with minimal time spent, giving you more time to go about your day
  • A list of instructions is issued to the team with a breakdown of their tasks
  • No need to provide food or travelling allowance
  • We offer customized contracts, and you decide how often our team visits